We find leaders who, with the strength of their work, seek to make a positive impact on society.

We work for a new model of companies that focus on the person and balance the social purpose with the economic benefits.

Expertise and experience in the search for talent

At Connecting Heads, we listen and analyze customers' needs to build the best team. We have a group of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge, who have the best contacts to locate the talent you are looking for. Wherever we are, we find them.

Excellent candidates

Through the impeccable and creative judgment that we carry out in Connecting Heads, we make an exhaustive search to identify the candidates with the most potential. During our complete selection process, we will be your trusted advisor, to ensure that your company achieves what it needs.

Value-added sector domain

Connecting Heads has experts in different sectors, specialists in locating and attracting the right candidates, being experts in leaders, who with the strength of their work seek to generate a positive impact on society. Through a thorough analysis done by our professionals, we find the executives who best fit the needs of the company.

Trust  ·  Commitment  ·  Discretion  ·  Loyalty

Anna Martí


  • Founder of Connecting Heads
  • Headhunter specialized in high management positions.
  • Clinical psychologist specializing in high abilities.
  • Cofounder of Hi Awards.
  • Cofounder of Traveling for Happiness.
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Anna Martí

Mireia Camps

Connecting Heads' Headhunter

  • Headhunter specialist in senior management.
  • Expertise in talent analysis and recruitment.
  • Motivation and focus towards the best results.



Judit de las Heras

Connecting Heads' Headhunter

  • Expert in restructuring processes.
  • Entrepreneur and project leader.
  • Commitment, rigor, passion and trust.



Dolors Crispi

Connecting Heads' Headhunter

  • Headhunter specialized in high profiles.
  • Expert in the identification and recruitment of talent.
  • Efficiency, experience and resolution.



Marta Gannnau

Communication Manager

  • Communication Expert
  • Social Media Maneger
  • Community Manager


Marta Gannau