Excellent candidates

Through the impeccable and creative judgment that we carry out in Connecting Heads, we make an exhaustive search to identify the candidates with the most potential. During our complete selection process, we will be your trusted advisor, to ensure that your company achieves what it needs.

Value-added sector domain

Connecting Heads has experts in different sectors, specialists in locating and attracting the right candidates, being experts in leaders, who with the strength of their work seek to generate a positive impact on society. Through a thorough analysis done by our professionals, we find the executives who best fit the needs of the company.



Search for senior executives in the luxury cruise sector.

We focus on the selection of professionals with the appropriate training and experience to cover the needs of the company and also the assessment of languages, personal and professional skills such as; ease in decision-making, leadership, analytical thinking, flexibility, social influence, etc. for a correct integration of the professional with the culture of the company.


Search for top managers of the boutique hotel sector.

We identify leaders, with the right experience, knowledge and specialties to fit the position. We conduct an in-depth interview where we look for related attributes such as; elegance, aesthetics, communication skills, confidentiality, interest in the brand, social skills, leadership… We evaluate experience, values, aptitude and attitude to ensure a perfect combination. Furthermore, we seek to meet demand while ensuring the needs of companies and the satisfaction of the professional to be incorporated.


Find luxury sector senior managers.

Our goal is the search and selection of highly qualified professionals to ensure an optimal fit in the position and culture of the company, evaluating experience, values, skills, attitudes and skills such as leadership, working under pressure, strategic profile, skills social skills, creativity, vision for the future, versatility, resilience, adaptation to change … ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the company and the selected professional.